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Differences between single sign-on methods
We provide several single sign-on methods for NxFilter. There are pros and cons for these methods.

Single sign-on with Active Directory
1. NxMapper
NxMapper is a Windows service program running on a domain controller and detecting user logon events in Active Directory.

2. NxLogon
This is a console program running on a user system and detecting the currently logged-in username on the system. This one needs to be launched by Group Policy Object (GPO) in Active Directory.
You can detect a user logoff with this one.

3. VxLogon
A script version of NxLogon to avoid of having trouble with some anti-virus softwares.

Single sign-on without Active Directory
1. CxLogon
It works without Active Directory as you can install it on a user PC directly but you also can install it through GPO for Active Directory integration.
We have a Mac OS version of CxLogon.

2. 802.1x WiFi authentication
NxFilter has an integrated RADIUS accouting server. You can send RADIUS accounting data to NxFilter from your 802.1x enabled WiFi router for single sign-on with your WiFi authentication.

3. Custom login script
You can have single sign-on by writing your own script.