NxFilter Tutorial
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System requirements
- Windows, Linux and other OS having Java 8 or later installed
- 768MB of RAM
- 4GB of free disk space
- UDP/53, TCP/80, TCP/443  ports

How much RAM?
It depends on the number of users you have. At default, NxFilter uses up to 768MB of system memory. It is enough for up to 500 users we guess. But if you have only 50 users, you may run it with 256MB of RAM. If you have more than 1,000 users then you need to increase it. To allocate more memory to NxFilter, read Performance Tuning

Which version of Java?
Oracle updates Java frequently these days. As a result, there are several active versions out there. It confuses people. We recommend you to use Java 8 as long as possible.

'Java 8' is also called as 'Java 1.8'. They are the same.

Java license
People are wondering if Java is free due to Oracle's license policy for Java. Some people think that they need to pay Oracle to use JRE. Don't need to get confused. You can use OpenJDK or other versions of Java. You can download a community build OpenJDK from  https://adoptopenjdk.net