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What is NxCloud?
NxCloud is a multi-tenancy DNS filtering software for cloud based filtering business. It is developed based on NxFilter and inheriting most of the features of NxFilter. Plus, we added many new features only available on NxCloud to satisfy cloud business providers. You can build your own cloud filtering service with NxCloud.

Multi-level admin
When you build your own cloud service, one of the essential factors would be to be able to create accounts for your customers and let your customers set up their own policies on their own GUI.

On NxCloud there are 3 kinds of users.

Admin > Operator > User

'Admin' is the administrator of NxCloud or the account for yourself. It has almost the same GUI as NxFilter but being an administrator you can create operator accounts. These operator accounts are for your customers and they are something like sub-admin accounts on NxCloud. They can create and manage their own users and policies.

For easier management of operators, you can access any operator account GUI with 'Magic Password'. At default, it is 'magic1023'.

Creating an operator
To create an operator you need to login to NxCloud GUI with admin permission. On 'Operator' menu you can create an operator. When you create an operator, NxCloud creates a default user and a default policy for the operator with the same name.

You can change the maximum number of users and policies an operator can create. This means you can have several levels of your service based on the permission of an operator.

Operator GUI
On NxCloud, each operator has his own GUI. If you login to NxCloud GUI with an operator account, you will be on the operator mode GUI. It is a bit more restrictive compared to the admin GUI as you only can manipulate the operator specific parameters.

Each operator has his own dashboard and report.

Authentication over cloud
NxCloud supports IP based authentication against users behind a router with NxRelay. This means that you can apply different policies based on private IPs and you also can find out the exact number of users behind a router.

With NxRelay, 'Active Directory integration over cloud' is also possible.

For dynamic IP clients
Many of your clients will be using your DNS filtering service from a dynamic IP address. You need a dynamic IP updater. We have NxUpdate for that. And some of your clients may have dynamic domains for their network. Your operators can associate these dynamic domains to their users.

Service expiration date
For NxCloud operators, you can set an expiration date for their filtering service. Once their filtering servce were expired, their DNS requests will be bypassed from filtering while they get warning messages on their log-view but the name resolving will still be working.

If you want to stop DNS resolving for an operator, use 'Suspend' option.