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Sandwatch GUI pack for NxFilter
We provide a Bootstrap based alternate GUI pack for NxFilter. It is called Sandwatch and developed based on Bootwatch library by Tomas Park from https://bootswatch.com/.

You need v4.3.6.3 or newer version of NxFilter for Sandwatch.

Install Sandwatch
To install it, download sandwatch-0.9.x.zip from our download page first. And then create /nxfilter/guipack directory and extract the zip file under the directory. You can activate it using 'www_dir' option on /nxfilter/conf/cfg.properties file like below,

www_dir = guipack/sandwatch

And then restart NxFilter.

We don't support an absolute path for 'www_dir' option. When you put 'guipack/sandwatch' as the value of 'www_dir' option, it means you have '/nxfilter/guipack/sandwatch' directory.

License of Sandwatch
The one of the purposes of Sandwatch project is to provide an example of NxFilter GUI customization to our business users. To help our business users, we release Sandwatch under MIT license. You can modify it as you like and you can use it for any purpose including commercial one.