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CxForward showing block page on HTTPS
You don't see your block page on HTTPS because of MITM restriction. One of the solutions is CxFoward.

There are other ways of hiding or showing block page on HTTPS, To find out more, read How do I hide SSL warning?

What it does?
When you are blocked on HTTPS protocol you get an SSL warning instead of your block page. This is natural as your browser tries to protect you from 'Man In The Middle' attack. But it is annoying since we know that it is blocked by our filtering policy. We have a solution for Edge and Chrome browsers. When you install CxForward which is a browser extension, it will bypass the SSL warning on your browser and show you the block page you were supposed to see.

You can install CxForward from Microsoft Store.

    - Download CxForward for Edge from Microsoft Store

If it's for Chrome or Brave Browser,

    - Download CxForward from Chrome Web Store

You might think that it is dangerous to hide this kind of security warning. But CxForward doesn't hide every SSL warning. It only works when there's an actual block for an HTTPS website by NxFilter.