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Customizing agents
You can create your own installers for our client programs or agents.

Windows installer
What we do with our installer is copy all the required files into a directory and then register it as a Windows service, and then run a setup program. For example, when you install NxProxy, we copy its files into 'C:/Program Files (x86)/nxproxy' . We then run 'bin/instsvc.bat' under the installation directory to register it as a Windows service and run setup.exe.

We keep the zip packages we use for building Windows installers on our Zip Package Download page.

When you uninstall a Windows service, run 'bin/unstsvc.bat '.

Changing the application name
The application name is in 'conf/appname' file. When you change the name inside the file, the new name will appear on the setup program. We also use the name for creating its Windows service.

Icon file and default setup values
To change the icon file, replace 'nxd.ico' with your own. It is a merged icon file for 16x16 and 32x32 and 48x48 icons.

If you want to change the default setup values, modify 'conf/cfg.default' file. .default files will be copied to .properties files when you run 'setup.exe' the first time.