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Single sign-on by CxLogon
CxLogon is a service program running on a user system. it will create a login session on NxFilter with the currently logged-in username. You can use it without Active Directory.

You still can use it in an Active Directory environment by installing it through GPO.

How it works
Like the other single sign-on agent, you have to create a user on NxFilter before you use CxLogon. But unlike the other single sign-on agents, it will create a 'login request' if there's no matching user for the logged-in username on the system it is running on. You can approve a login request on 'User > Login request' and a user will be created with the username which has been sent by CxLogon.

You have to use NxFilter as the only DNS server in your network. Otherwise, CxLogon will not be able to find NxFilter.

When you use CxLogon with NxRelay, it doesn't create login requests and it will be working without matching usernames on NxCloud.

CxLogon for Windows
When you install it on a user PC, it will be running as a Windows service. If you want to install it on multiple PCs at once, you can do it through GPO in Active Directory using the MSI package we provide.

CxLogon for macOS
We have a macOS installer for CxLogon. When you install it, it will create '/Library/cxlogon' directory and '/Library/LauachDaemon/org.nxfilter.cxlogon.plist' file to start it automatically at system startup.

When you start and stop it manually,

		sudo /bin/launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.nxfilter.cxlogon.plist
sudo /bin/launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/org.nxfilter.cxlogon.plist

To uninstall it,

		sudo /Library/cxlogon/uninstall-mac.sh

CxLogon for Chromebook
We have a Chrome extension version of CxLogon and you can use it for Chromebook as you know. However, since it is a Chrome extension, before your user run their Chrome browser he/she can't login to your network. To solve the problem, you can create a default user associating an IP range which covers your whole network. Then your users will appear as the default user before they run Chrome and once they run Chrome, they will appear with their own Google username.

You can install it from here,

    - Download CxLogon from Chrome Web Store

CxLogon for Android
CxLogon also works for Android devices. It runs as a foreground service creating and refreshing a login session with your Android Google username on NxFilter. It only works in a local network with WiFi connection. You can find it on Google Play Store.