NxFilter Tutorial
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Login page for users
Your users can log in to NxFilter by its login page.

User credentials
You can create a user on 'User > User'. And then you can set a password for the user on its edit page. If you import users from Active Directory, they can use their AD user credentials on the NxFilter login page.

Captive portal by NxFilter
When an unauthenticated user attempts to access a website, they will be redirected to the NxFilter login page. In the old days, with this feature, you could build a captive portal by NxFilter. However, since Google started forcing to use HTTPS, this doesn't work well. Redirection on HTTPS is not allowed by most browsers to prevent 'Man in the Middle' attack. So, you may end up with an SSL warning page instead of NxFilter login page.

We recommend you to implement 'Default User' by associating whole IP range of your network to a user and use one of our single sign-on agent. Then the authentication process for your users becomes transparent and no more hassle with the SSL warning page. If you want to stick to the login page then you can set your browser's starting page to NxFilter login page. Before your users login they will appear as the default user and after they logged in, they appear with their own usernames.

You can disable Login Redirection on 'System > Setup' menu if desired.

Login, Logout, Welcome, Password
You can access user login related pages or perform actions with the following URLs.

1. Login page - You can access NxFilter login page on http://your-nxfilter-ip/login

2. Logout - You can log out by accessing http://your-nxfilter-ip/logout

3. Welcome page - The welcome page is the page you see after you logged in. It's on http://your-nxfilter-ip/welcome This page is also useful when you try to find out who you are by NxFilter login session map.

4. Password change form - If it's a user account created on the NxFilter GUI, you can change its password by visiting http://your-nxfilter-ip/password.

Customizing login page
You can customize the design of your login page, welcome page, and password change form on 'System > Block Page'.

Login domain and logout domain
In the past, before the use of HTTPS was enforced, we used Login Domain and Logout Domain to access the NxFilter login page and perform logout actions. You can set these domains on 'System > Setup' menu of NxFilter GUI.