NxFilter Tutorial
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Install NxFilter on Windows
We provide a Windows installer. You also can install it manually.

You can download OpenJDK 1.8 for Windows from https://adoptopenjdk.net

Using installer
Download and run nxfilter-x.x.x.x.exe from our download page and you will see the following window.

After several steps on the installer, it will try to create a Windows service for NxFilter. If you see the following message, you have NxFilter successfully installed.

Manual installation
This is about how to install NxFilter on Windows manually using a .zip package. You still can make it a Windows service with a batch script included in the package.

  1. Download nxfilter-x.x.x.x.zip
  2. Extract the zip file into c:/nxfilter
  3. Run c:/nxfilter/bin/startup.bat

To install NxFilter as a Windows service run c:/nxfilter/bin/instsvc.bat. It will create 'NxFilter' service. When you uninstall the service, run c:/nxfilter/bin/unstsvc.bat.

Admin GUI
To access NxFilter admin GUI, start your browser and type 'http://localhost/admin' into the address bar. Or if you created a desktop icon during the installation process you can click it. If you see a login screen like below, your NxFilter is up and running. The initial username and password are 'admin/admin'.