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NxFilter is a freeware DNS filtering software developed by Jahastech.

What is NxFilter?
NxFilter is a freeware DNS filtering software developed by Jahastech. It is a high performance network-wide filtering software designed to be used in an enterprise environment. It is not a personal webfilter or a simple AD blocker. NxFilter provides a rich set of features and many of them are the ones you only can find in commercial filtering appliances. It is a full featured DNS filter being able to handle several thousand users easily.

Demo sites
We have demo sites for NxFilter and NxCloud. NxCloud is a modified version of NxFilter for multi-tenancy cloud filtering business.

Is it free?
NxFilter is a freeware. You can run it in any place with any purpose. Companies, Schools, Hospitals, Libraries, Churches, Home environments, etc. You also can run it with a business purpose. You can service it over cloud if you want. You can make money with it. You provide a paid service to your customers for NxFilter installation and management. You even can build your own product replacing NxFilter GUI and build your own package and sell it.

Our business
We don't sell softwares. We only sell domain categorization subscription license. That's our business. But we also provide free domain categorization options. We provide free Jahaslist license for 20 users. We also provide Globlist for unlimited number of users for free. Those are all included in NxFilter package. You don't need to contact us to use these free options. You can use these free domain categorization licenses for your business.