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Best performace

NxFilter is a light-weight DNS filter. It doesn’t cause any latency issue in your network. We guarantee you the best performance with filtering.

Next-level features

Active Directory integration, DNS over HTTPS, Screen time, Data cap, User level report, Remote user filtering, clustering and more.

Free for anybody

Commercial, nonprofit, schools, hospitals, companies and business environments, family protection, etc. Whatever the purpose, it’s free!

Crafted with technical excellence
and expertise in DNS filtering.



A few of NxFilter’s core features

Faster and lighter

NxFilter only needs to deal with DNS queries in your network for filtering. It’s far lighter than old webproxy way. There will be no latency problem with NxFilter.


Local DNS cache

NxFilter caches DNS responses from its upstream DNS server. Your users will be answered by NxFilter cache. The DNS traffic in your network will be reduced greatly.


Mobile user filtering

NxFilter provides several kinds of remote user filtering agents for your laptops. You also can filter iOS/Android devices with it by DNS over HTTPS service.

High scalability

NxFilter has been used by ISPs, DNS filtering providers, schools and other business users for many years. Its performance has been proven in real world.


User authenticaiton

You can protect your network with user authentication by NxFilter. NxFilter supports various kinds of user authentication methods including Active Directory integration.


URL keyword filtering

You may want to filter something you can’t filter with a DNS filter. You want to block some search keywords in Google and other search engines. It is possible with NxFilter.

Very stable

Don’t need to restart NxFilter frequently. Some of our users run it for several months without restarting. Leave it running and spend your precious time on other things.


Multiple policies

You may want to have multiple filtering policies for your users. You can create multiple filtering policies on NxFilter GUI and apply those policies based on users and groups.


Community proven

We are all tired of those sales tactics. We present you the real world usage reports by our test user group. Decide which is the best for you based on real world data.

Home User

Home User

You want to apply a stricter filtering policy to your kids while you want to be under a lenient one. NxFilter supports multiple policies based on users and groups.

Large Site

Large Site

NxFilter is designed to be filtering several thousand users easily. That’s why it’s the best for filtering in schools and universities.

Branch Office

Branch Office

You want to filter all your branch offices centrally. You can run NxFilter on cloud and filtering multiple branch offices using its DNS relay agent that is NxRelay.

MSP User

MSP User

If you want to build your own cloud filtering business, we have NxCloud for you. NxCloud is a multi-tenancy DNS filtering software developed based on NxFilter.
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