Tech Support

Email support

We provide free technical support through our forum and we recommend everybody to use the forum. However we see people wanting to have technical support through email or some other personal way with various reasons. So far we tried to forward these requests to using our forum as we can’t deal with all these email support requests.

We now offer a paid support option to the users wanting to have a guarantee for technical support even if they use a freeware or users not wanting to reveal themselves in a public forum. The pricing for our technical support is 100 USD for 1 year for 1 site. Our support will be provided through our support email which is ‘support at’.

When you buy a paid support license, we will send you a confirmation email and add your email address to our DB. Once you have a problem with your NxFilter installation, you can talk to us through our support email. We will respond you in less than several hours during our work time.

You can buy our paid technical support license using the PayPal button below.

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