Renewal – Jahaslist

Renewing license

When you have a Jahaslist license expiring within 60 days, you can renew the license here. To renew your license, you need to copy your old license key from ‘/nxfilter/conf/license.lic’ file. Inside the file, there’s an encoded character string. Copy the string into the textfield on the following form. If you received a non-profit discount when you bought your old license, contact us using ‘support @

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License activation

After you purchase a license, you will receive ‘license.lic’ file. You need to copy it into ‘/nxfilter/conf’ directory. And then select Jahaslist option on ‘Category > System’ and restart NxFilter. When you have a cluster of NxFilter, you need to copy the license file into your slave node as well.

User counting

NxFilter counts the number of unique usernames and client IP addresses on daily basis. If one of them exceeds your licensed user number, any unlicensed user will be appeared being blocked on your log view. However, since it is a warning measure this blocking is not actually happening on user side.

* To find out the number of users in your network, view the usage report for the last 30 days on ‘Report > Usage’.

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