Blocking domains by categories

You can block websites by categories. NxFilter includes a free domain categorization database. You also can define your custom categories and add domains into them.

User authentication

NxFilter supports IP and IP range based authentication, Password based authentication, LDAP authentication.

Active Directory integration.

You can have single sing-on against your Active Directory. Active Directory integration over cloud is also possible.

Multiple filtering policies

You can have multiple filtering policies in your network by user and group permission.

Local DNS cache

NxFilter is basically a caching DNS server with filtering ability. It will reduce your DNS traffic to the Internet and boost up your Internet speed.

Persistent cache

NxFilter has Persistent Cache. Your DNS resolution will be working even if you have a nationwide DNS outage.

Built-in clustering

It has a built-in clustering module. You can have load-balancing and fail-safe without an extra cost.

User level report

NxFilter generates a user level report on its built-in GUI.

Authoritative DNS server

NxFilter can be working as an authoritative DNS server.

Bandwidth control

You can find out who is using how much bandwidth in your network and limit the bandwidth usage per-user.

Quota time

You can have a time based usage limit for the Internet in your network.

Phishing/Malware protection

NxFilter can detect and block phishing sites and malwares and botnets by DNS packet inspection.

Safe-search enforcing

With NxFilter, you can enforce safe-search for Google, Bing, Youtube to anybody in your network.

Dual policy for work-time and free-time

You can define a work-time policy and a free-time policy for a user.

Remote user filtering

We provide a free client software for remote filtering.

Email alert for access violation

NxFilter sends an email alert for access violation incidents by your filtering policy.

Syslog exportation

Exportation of your filtering log is possible through Syslog and you can build your own logging/reporting site.

Filtering on HTTPS

Since it works on DNS level NxFilter can filter/block any protocol including HTTPS or SSL.

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