Features of NxFilter

– User and group based policy assignment
– Unlimited number of user and policy creation
– Local DNS cache to accelerate your internet speed
– Persistent DNS cache for preventing DNS outage
– Load-balancing and fail-safe with clustering
– Active Directory, eDirectory integration support
– Authoritative DNS server module included
– Remote user filtering by client software
– Application control by client software
– Chromebook agent support
– Bandwidth control
– Quota time
– Phishing protection
– Malware and botnet detection
– Safe-search enforcing on network level
– Dual policy for work-time and free-time

– IP based authentication
– Password based authentication
– LDAP authentication
– Single sign-on with Active Directory
– Blocking by domain category
– Unlimited custom categories
– Built-in GUI on an integrated webserver
– Dashboard and reporting
– Granular report on user level
– Runs everywhere including Windows, Linux, Mac OS
– Whitelist/blacklist based on domain and keyword
– DNS query log search with various conditions
– Internationalized domain name support
– Email alert for access violation
– Syslog exportation
– Filtering on HTTPS or SSL

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