We provide free Jahaslist license to churches

We have some paid users from churches. We found that these churches are getting a bigger amount of traffic on Sunday and that makes things difficult when they buy a commercial license. They had to pay more than their actual usage even if we apply our non-profit discount rate to them. We tried to figure out a way of helping them in this regard since we found such kind of problem. Finally, we decided not to make profit out of churches. We will provide a free Jahaslist license to any church user from any country.

** If you are a church user interested in this offer, contact us at ‘support @ nxfilter.org’ with your official church email address. When you contact us, send us a capture image of ‘Report > Usage’ so that we can decide your license size.

Free license to NxFilter v3 users until the end of June 2020

We still see some users with NxFilter v3 even though we released v4 in 2017. To help with the migration from v3 to v4, we provide free one year Jahaslist license to any v3 users willing to update their NxFilter to v4. To apply for this opportunity, contact us at ‘support @ nxilter.org’ and tell us how many users you have.

** Your v3 installation must be older than one year. You have to send us your config backup from ‘Config > Backup’ so that we can confirm that you are a valid v3 user.

Free Jahaslist license opportunity for K12 schools

We are running a test user group for NxFilter consisting of number of schools. We recruit new member schools to the group with the following condition.

  • K12 schools or districts having more than 1000 users.

As a group member, You need to report us about how NxFilter performs in your school every month in our forum. In return, we will give you a free Jahaslist license renewing every year as long as you are in the group. You can view the already existing reports in our forum. If you are interested, contact us at ‘support @ nxfilter.org’ with your official school email address.

Licenciamento gratuito do NxCloud para escolas brasileiras

Temos um software de filtragem em nuvem para vários inquilinos chamado NxCloud. E possui um agente de retransmissão que é o NxRelay. Você pode Filtre vários sites com esta solução. Eles foram originalmente desenvolvidos para empresas de filtragem em nuvem, mas achamos que é Também pode ser usado para filtrar várias escolas. Uma coisa boa é que, com
esta solução, você só precisa de uma licença para filtrar várias escolas. Estamos dispostos a fornecer uma licença gratuita se houver um grupo de escolas que você deseja administrar. um site de teste para nós.

Para o NxCloud, leia isto,

Para NxRelay,

Qualquer pessoa interessada, entre em contato conosco em ‘support @ nxfilter.org’.

** Esta licença será renovada todos os anos enquanto você estiver no programa.

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