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Connection checking between master and slave nodes.

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  • Connection checking between master and slave nodes.

    When you have a cluster of NxFilter, there's a connection checking process running in backgroud on every slave node. It will check the connection to its master node based on TCP/19003 and TCP/19004. When there's a connection problem or if your master node gets crashed, you get notified with an alert email to the admin email address on 'Config > Alert'.

    However, we found this way of connection checking is not working properly on some conditions. Your slave node needs to get notified with socket closing event from its OS. It works when your master node stops or when there's a network problem while it's running on Windows. But if it's on Linux systems, it doesn't work well. Your slave node will be just waiting for responses from its master node for long time even if there's a network failure.

    To solve this problem, we added one more checking process on slave node by v4.5.2.4 of NxFilter and NxCloud. It will be checking TCP/80 of your master node. If TCP/80 of your master node gets closed, it will bypass communication to its master node and will notify you with an alert email for the problem. Since this is not for everybody, you have to enable it on your slave side. You can add the following line into /nxfilter/conf/ file.

    cluster_double_check = 1