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We open a new tech-support forum.

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  • We open a new tech-support forum.

    When we started NxFilter project in 2013, we decided to use Google Group for tech-support. We didn't want our users to create one more account in one more community to get tech-support for our products. We use Google Group for more than 7 years. However, they did a weird renewal last year and many features have gone. We can't edit our posts anymore and the sticky note feature also have gone and the notification emails didn't work for us.

    We tried to build a new tech-support forum on Reddit because we know it's a popular community platform and we thought many of our users would already have their accounts in Reddit. But this is only true for the users from USA. In other parts of the world, Reddit is not that popular. And another problem is that many people find it uncomfortable to use Reddit editor with their markdown language.

    With this background, we decided to have our own forum. This site will be our main tech-support forum from now on. We will keep Reddit forum as well. Feel free to use this forum or Reddit forum. We will do tech-support on both places.